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Zupany (Adriatic Funk League)

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►Zupany (Novi Sad / Serbia)

Zupany is producer, freestyle DJ and scratch master, spinning actively dance-floor music since the year 2002. The originality of his skill sets is in the convergence of electronic and organic, old-school and nu-school sounds in palette of many genres to dance. He starts to musicly directs him self in the middle 90s. At those years he was a chief selector at many specialized music shows and programs at several radio local frequencies. Performs regularly throughout the region by promoting the most attractive items by "Hain Teny" collective and his new project "beatchukaz" together with DJ Dee from HTc and the golden momentat lately, remember the Fresnes theater Paris, Leopold club & Ramien club - Vienna, Solaris club – Linz, Circus & Scandale club - Geneve, Exit festival - Novi Sad, Jazz club - Temisuara, Nerv club - Arad, Sarajevo film Festival, Jazz Festival Lent - Maribor, Siska Cinema Club - Ljubljana, club Casper - Budva, and many other renowned clubs in his country and the regionally well known places to observe the true music values.

www.soundcloud.com/zupany-htc (author work)
www.mixcloud.com/Zupany (mixes)
www.haintenycollective.bandcamp.com (Hain Teny releases)
www.beatchukaz.bandcamp.com (beatchukaz releases)

Visual: Black Hole Design
Belépő 500,-ft, 23h: után 800,-ft
18699659 1489338471099986 8073492870237790787 o


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