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Valentine's Day party

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Who wants to blow all their money on one night at an expensive restaurant and spend it stuck in a conversation with one person? Not us!

This semester we are throwing Valentine’s Day party that you’ll remember for years to come.

Ski trip participants get free entry!!!

And of course for the first time ever in International Student history we’ll be playing the love game where you can choose a colored wristband corresponding to your relationship status;

X color: in a relationship
X color: single, and ready to mingle
X color: it’s complicated
X color: open-minded 😈😉

We know that this will be the event of the semester, and will no doubt get steamy and escalate quickly into a hot, sexy singles party! With drinks flowing, Dj Welldan playing the hottest hits, and the dance floor flooded with Szeged’s sexiest... This night might just be the night you end up meeting 'the one!’

So hurry up and get your early bird tickets now for only 1.000 HUF (including a welcome shot), because entry will be 2.000 HUF at the door.
Also, ski trip 2019 participants get free entry.

For tickets contact:-
Celina Wael Al Sayej
Bazel Ramadan
51265845 2124268044316308 4958715020847349760 o


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