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US and the 60s:Woodstock,Barbies,G.I. Joes

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Americanos… Blue Jeans and Chinos, Coke, Pepsi and Oreos… Movies and Heroes…

Helllo to the best ERASMUS family in Szeged and to every exchange and Hungarian students!
You might wonder why we chose this topic for our next party… well, I’ll tell you why if you read further!

The US and the 60s were a crucial and critical part of not just the history of the US but also of the whole world! Let’s check out what happened during this decade in short. The YOUNGEST president of the US, JFK, was elected, ROLE MODELS such as BARBIE for women and G. I. JOE for men emerged which were total distortions of reality, Civil Rights Movements started their work and fight for EQUALITY for minorities, second wave feminism blasted the door on overly manly man culture with their struggle for WOMEN RIGHTS, the VIETNAM war broke out and in response the COUNTER CULTURE appeared with the HIPPIS. All in all, lots of things have started in the 60s in the US which are still HOT TOPICS today!

So why not celebrate the start of all these good things in Hungi on 5 October? We’ll do everything to bring you the feeling of WOODSTOCK and the 60s to our next party. We’ll do awesome decorations and provide you with some of the most awesome American music of the time! All you have to do is to follow the...
DRESS CODE which this time is something cool, something loose, something thug, in other words: which resembles WOODSTOCK, the very first huge music festival in the world!

Let’s go to Hungi on 5 October and soak up the atmosphere of freedom and youth life together!

At the turntable: Dj Rely! (See more on his Facebook page and like: https://www.facebook.com/DjRelyofficial
The party is free with your ESN or Let's go card! :)

Puszi, :)
ESN Szeged
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