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Unknown Child / Mucha Ladaco / Deadly Firend

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Deadly Firend (PL)


Outsider ebm/dark-wave. New project from Warsaw based artist bibi, who might be familiar from bands like Hanako, Evvolves or solo performances. Her album ‘Safeword’ will be released soon in Polish mini-label Jasień.

‘Safeword’ is about inner change, gaining consciousness and regaining your identity. It’s a story for heartbroken schoolgirls; naïve teenagers and women trying to become adults, while facing their deepest scars and horrors. It is what’s hiding underneath a smile in the Friday night fever.

Mucha Ladaco (PL)



"MUCHA LADACO" (Poznań, Poland) Name of the band is inspired by La Fontaine's story about gardner and bear (polish translation). Squad is composed of two musicians - Natalia Kozłowska (bass & vocals) and Jakub Lemiszewski (drums). Reality of Mucha's music is composed of Deerhoof and Lightning Bolt, which are playing at the same time on the Circus stage. Project is also heavy in mental contects - in lyrics you can find a lot of painfull, agresiv but also happy and infantile memories.

Unknown Child (HU)



Erika Szurcsik is mainly known as the vocalist and intense live performer of Budapest based art punk band Gustave Tiger, in her solo project Unknown Child she represents quite the opposite with her inner persona. Unknown Child is stripped down into soulful singer-songwriter loneliness, while her looped and multilayered hypnotic live melancholia opens up a wide range of sounds, distortions and harmonic interferences with the ethereal and deeply intimate sung words of a wonderfully touching voice.

Zenekari támogatás / Band support: 1000 HUF
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