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Jam Session 2017

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Hello there!

On November 4th we are going to have the COOLEST EVENT OF THE SEMESTER with Live Music and Happy Hour!!!

👉Tickets are 500 ft each. 👈
If all the tickets are sold out yet you still want to come and join us you will be able to get tickets for 1000 ft at the door.
So be fast and get your tickets before they are sold out!!
You can buy your tickets from;
First Year: Alara Kiliccioglu and Eleni Venizelou
Second Year: Marta De Oliveira
Third Year: Ayman El Farouki
Fourth Year: Moe Kashefi
Fifth Year: Niyaz Baig and Derayo Odufuwa
German Program: Franzi Ocker and Teresa Schaich
Dentistry: Georgi Alzahr and Zeina Maksoud
Premed & VBJ: Zohaib Baqar
Arts Faculty: Goeksel Sez and Ahmed Saeed
Erasmus: Maria Chiara Savelli


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