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Dock In Absolute (LUX)

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Dock In Absolute (LUX)

Egyszerre vad és kecses progresszív jazz Luxemburgból. A trió Jean-Philippe Koch zongorista kompozícióit ötvözi a jazz, a klasszikus zene és a rock különböző stílusaival. Társai David Kintziger basszusgitáros és Michel Mootz dobos. 2012 óta járják közös útjukat, egyre jobban kifejezve saját, egyedi stílusukat a jazzen belül.

"A very disciplined outfit, there was a baroque underpinning to Koch’s compositions wedded to an indie rock feel."
The New-York City Jazz Record


Zenekari támogatás/Band support: min. 1000 HUF

Dock In Absolute (LUX)

Dock In Absolute is a stellar trio from Luxembourg comprised of Jean-Philippe Koch on piano, David Kintziger on bass and Michel Mootz on drums, young musicians who breathed new life into the music scene. With a shared love of music, they combine different styles of progressive Jazz, classical and rock, playing the pianist’s own compositions and co-created their unique jazz style in 2012. Its music is sparkling, varying, forceful, pressing, rich in twists and turns in mood: from lyrical to unrestrainable, from wild to graceful, from virtuosic and crystalline to assertive and dramatic, from subdued to airy and demonstrative. It can be charged-up one moment and calm the next, then take off again to reach vibrant sounds. An endless variety of melodic cells, often with a hypnotic pattern, alternating against a flamboyant, bright sonic background with unfaltering dynamics, never a half-way approach from this trio. Dock In Absolute proves that Jazz has myriads of stories to tell: thus, it should be allowed free rein.
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