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ClubCulture pres. Moira Audio Showcase w/ Khristian K - Nu_clear

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ClubCulture pres.

Moira Audio Showcase w/ Khristian K & Nu_Clear

Khristian K
Khristian K has been present in the European, mainly Hungarian electronic music culture scene since the late ’90s. His DJ sets are renowned for their continuous flow rate, energy-trend and technoid built-projects. Now internationally known, from more than 100 published releases and everyday appearances various parties and radio broadcasts. So far he has appeared in well-known publishing companies’ such as the recognized by the circles of Berlin trio of Andrea Ferlin - Francesco Assenza – Hubble’s Sleep is Commercial, the infamous duo Klartraum’s ’Lucidflow’s with others or his own tags. In 2013 Khristian launched the Moira Audio Recordings which set the flag of intelligent quality consumer entertaining electronics, from 2015 on vinyl also. In 2017 He made his biggest success to himself, to get released his album "Spectrum" on the legendary Sleep Is Commercial.



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