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A SWEET night is ahead of us!

Join us on a trip back in time to when your parents were only kids enjoying their candies and you didn't exist, not even as an idea.
We are going back to the '70s for a party that will fill you up with enough candy and sweet energy before diving deep into the exam period :O

Dress code: '70s style.
+The best dress wins a Tisza Dokk VIP card (grants entry for 2) for Summer of 2019 and a bottle of ABSOLUT vodka!

*Remember to get some clothes from back home if you're leaving for Easter break.
**you can also get clothes from Eldorado or Nagyaruhaz.

Early-bird tickets: 1000Ft including 'PINK GIN' coupon and CANDY BAR coupon. (Valid until 1:00)

Entrance fee at the door: 2000Ft

*If you get a ticket and show up after 1:00 you will have to pay the difference only (1000Ft).

For tickets contact:-
Bazel Ramadan
Celina Wael Al Sayej
Katalin Piri
Aryan Amiri

56775617 2223924341017344 8527337037093666816 n


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