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2000s Karaoke Night

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Hey everyone!

Due to popular demand after last year's 90s Karaoke night, we are holding another one this year, just the dress theme is a decade later!!

So to guarantee that we have a great night, we need your help to comment what SONGS you want to sing, so that we can download them.

For ticket purchasing we will now have early bird tickets sold until the 2nd of March for 1000ft. Tickets between the 3rd and 8th of March will be sold for 1500ft. And anyone who'd like to pick up tickets at the door will have to pay 2000ft.

Here are the people you can contact for ticket purchasing:
Teresa Schaich
Aryan Amiri
Hossein Rostami
Jong-Ho Kim
Moe Kashefi
Peter Lee
Beste Aydoğdu
Arman AJ

We are looking forward to singing and dancing all night long with you guys!
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