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15.00 Guided tour of the Szent-Györgyi Albert Memorial Exhibition at the University of Szeged

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From what did Albert Szent-Györgyi first isolate vitamin C, even before paprika, and did he know what he had found? What did he do with the paprika salad he received for dinner from his wife? Was he into gliding or motorcycling?
These and other fascinating questions will be answered during this interactive guided tour. The exhibition (organised as part of the Centenary Celebrations of the University of Szeged) showcases the former rector’s study, his original Nobel Prize and many other personal belongings. In addition, photographs, awards, newspaper articles and bilingual charts will help visitors to explore the life of the great professor.
Albert Szent-Györgyi, the distinguished Nobel Prize-winning scientist, professor of medicine and chemistry, member of the Hungarian, Soviet and American Academies of Science, winner of a sea of prizes and awards, honorary doctorate of numerous universities, travelled half the world during his lifetime. Yet, his years in Szeged were perhaps the most influential in his career, at least his research conducted in Szeged brought him world fame and the Nobel Prize. Join us in the celebrations of Albert Szent-Györgyi and the University of Szeged!
Place: Meet in front of the Rector’s Office of the University of Szeged (Dugonics square 13.) Guided tour given by Rita Csuri-Magosi


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